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We will soon see a dramatic shift away from an environment where end customers own data centers and IT is installed on-premises. Analysts predict that in just a couple of years, over 2/3 of IT capacity will come from off-premise Service Providers or from the public cloud.

Being a leading managed Service Provider ourselves puts us in a prime position to understand the pain points of the different types of Service Providers, like telco-based, managed, cloud, co-locators or resellers who shift their focus to an ‘as a service’ offering.

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Fujitsu’s service provider program helps our partners grow through co-creating together and sharing risk – we call the latter cloud sourcing.

We’ve built our program with learnings from the future – watch Rudi as he explains how.

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However, the Service Provider market is tough. With more and more global players entering your market, you are under pressure to do more with less, while differentiating yourself from the competition. Critical to success is being able to transition yourself from a Service Provider, to a service integrator. We can de-risk your journey with our excellent data center products, solutions and attached services, innovative cloud-like sourcing models; and we can co-create to thrive towards profitable growth.

Moving with FUJITSU’s help up the value chain from Service Provider to service integrator means you can deliver true customer business value – not only technical competence. We call this ‘de-risking’ profitable growth, turning technology into an enabler instead of an obstacle. That means everything, from storage to application deployment, is dynamically provided to drive the business, and anything that hinders that – such as vendor lock-in – is uprooted and removed.

What we can offer is a portfolio and attached services which integrate seamlessly into your specific needs, as well as smart commercial innovations to grow capacity in line with business demands and help you to accelerate your speed to revenue, whilst removing the risk.

Customer stories

How have our customers benefitted from our services and solutions? Discover how they realized new visions, co-created cutting-edge products and more, by reading our customer stories.

Customer Stories

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