Why Hybrid IT Matters

Mix, match, juggle, balance. When you’re figuring out where best to run your workloads, it’s great to know you can have the best of both worlds – with the total control of on-premises deployment for some workloads, and cost-effectiveness of the cloud for others. By 2020, 90% of organizations will adopt a hybrid infrastructure, because it gives you these choices. But how do you know you’re making the right call? How can you find exactly the right mix for your workload requirements?

The right workload placement mix

Different organizations may have different sourcing strategies, which strongly influence the answer where to place workloads. But often it is the workload itself that influences its placement.

Run critical workloads in your own data center. Have other workloads hosted by service providers, or source IT services from the cloud. There’s a world of opportunity to make your IT more versatile than ever.

Hybrid IT – What it is all about

“On-prem datacenters and the public cloud should not be separated worlds. They should be integrated and complement each other.”

Fujitsu Integrated Systems Expert Gernot Fels explains why on-premises infrastructure is such a vital component in hybrid architectures.

If you think Hybrid IT could be a great fit for your organization, the best time to start is now. But how do you get started? What questions should you ask to kick-start your Hybrid IT thinking? Can integrated systems really help – particularly when your IT spans edge, core and cloud?

Infrastructure for Hybrid IT environments

The transition to a Hybrid IT environment can be a cumbersome endeavor. Besides the most important question, where to place which workload, myriad further aspects need to be considered.

No matter where your journey starts, Fujitsu, together with its strategic technology partners and its global network of service partners, can bring all the products and services together to support you on your transition to a Hybrid IT environment, end-to-end.

Integrated Systems

Reduces complexity and risk, shortens time to value and reduces cost.


The right server platform for each business scenario.


Synchronizing storage resources with business priorities whilst reducing TCO.

Product Support Services

Ensure system availability and business continuity of your IT systems, and save time and money.

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