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Fujitsu IT Publications and Journals

Fujitsu Technical Review

FTR 2020-02 thumbnailNo. 2, 2020
Data Utilization Technologies toward a Data-driven Society
This issue introduces the research and development of data utilization technologies for achieving a data-driven society and Fujitsu Group initiatives for implementing these technologies in society.

FTR 2020-01 thumbnailNo. 1, 2020
Trustworthy AI
This issue introduces cutting-edge technologies focus on AI and the importance of explainability for AI trustworthiness and a round-table discussion by young Fujitsu engineers working in AI application projects.

Fujitsu Scientific & Technical Journal

FSTJ 2020-01 thumbnailVol. 56, No. 1, 2020
Cutting-Edge R&D: "Trust " in the Digital Era
This issue introduces digital technologies to provide our customers with an environment of trust, the latest technologies for continuously verifying the level of trust in ICT and people, and cutting-edge technologies essential to achieving trust.

FSTJ 2019-05 thumbnailVol. 55, No. 5, 2019
Security to Support Connected Society
This issue introduces Fujitsu's vision for "Security for Supporting Connected Society" from diverse viewpoints including technologies, services, business infrastructure, and workforce development.

I - Global Intelligence for the CIO

I -  Global Intelligence for the CIOI – Global Intelligence for the CIO showcases exclusive insight from global thought-leaders, management gurus, and high-profile CXOs, while delivering expertly written content focused on strategic IT topics, agenda-setting business issues and peer-to-peer debate on core business and technology trends.


FUJITSU JOURNALFUJITSU JOURNAL is a Web magazine that introduces business and technology information with the aim of creating more prosperous world.
It covers digital topics, such as Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, as well as cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches using ICT.



Other publications

  • Guide to Japanese
    A Fujitsu report on digital transformation based on research undertaken with CEOs and senior IT decision makers.
  • Information Paradox
    The Information Paradox introduces a unique, client-tested framework called the "Benefits Realization Approach."
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